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I can’t say enough good about D.V.C.-SW FL Dryer Vent Cleaning Inc! Before they came, my dryer took HOURS AND HOURS to dry a blanket or a single load of laundry. My life was consumed with laundry. Because the dryer took so long the laundry had to be washed over and over again, because by the time the load ahead of it dried, it had been so long that the wet laundry had been waiting in Queu. D.V.C. showed me that the piping behind the dryer had been crushed, limiting air flow. Now the dryer works great, and I kid you not, I have ALL the laundry done with time to spare! I lucked out because my condo community scheduled this company. If you are looking for great, fast and professional service that gets the job done, choose this company! Thank you, D.V.C!


Excellent service. Timely and very
professional .. I will recommend to others in this area.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for the invoice and report. I just want to tell you how very impressed both Enrique and I were with your services! We have worked with a lot of vendors in the past, but in our opinion, you are one of the best! Thank you for the dedication and concern you show for each job that you do.

Kristina Pruyn

One of your associates, Ron, was out cleaning our dryer vent at 6290 Wilshire Pines Circle #806. We were very impressed by his excellent service and overall pleasant polite demeanor. It's rare these days that anyone brags about their company and tells you that they take pride in their work. Ron would be an asset to any company basing it's success on pride and quality customer service.

Jeff Crossley

I wanted to thank you for refunding my dryer vent cleaning fee after I complained to you about the mass of lint that roofers found in my dryer vent cover. You refunded my money in full, promptly and without question, although I didn't specifically ask for a refund. I was impressed by that - it says a lot about your character. I would like to give you another shot to service my dryer vent. So when you're next scheduled to be in Regent Park, let me know and we'll try it again. Thanks.

Kit Chamberlain

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